What is Your First Priority? – Liam Neeson, Taken 3

I watched
Liam Neeson’s “Taken 3” last night. It is not as good compare to “Taken 1 &
2”, but well, this is not the topic of today’s discussion.
the end of the show, Liam Neeson’s daughter was captured by his ex-wife’s husband
named Stuart who is the biggest villain in the show, who also plotted the killing
of his wife i.e. Neeson’s ex-wife. In one of the scenes, Police inspector
played by Forest Whitaker called Liam Neeson and asked him to take a step back
and allow the police to handle the situation. The conversation that intrigued me is as follows. 
Neeson then asked Whitaker, “What is
your first priority?”
answered, “My first priority is to arrest
Stuart John and charged him with your ex-wife’s murder!”
Neeson replied
“My first priority is my daughter!”
Blogging as Priority?
Just hours before watching Taken 3
yesterday, I posted an article titled “A
Busy Start in 2015 – But Remember Your Priorities!”
I listed blogging
as one of my priority. Then I was correctly pointed out by SMOL as follows:
Put blogging at the bottom of your priorities lah! Unless you have vision of
turning this blog into a huge money making business one day.There’s no
contractual agreement between you and us readers on how many posts you
“must” produce in a week ;). Blog when you have the time, have
the inspiration, and most important of all, when it’s FUN for you too! As
a 4 years “veteran”, I’ve seen too many cases of bloggers who
burned-out in the end… Most never made it to the 2 years mark…
Blogging should never become a chore 😉
totally agree with SMOL, but I will explain as you read on, why blogging is one of my important priorities. 
Why We Blog?
In general, according
to an article from Forbes, below are few reasons why people blog.
blog because we want to inform our readers and doing so gives us pleasure. We
look for opportunities to raise issues or insights that others may not have
Little Bit of Ego
we see that thousands of readers have read and commented one of our online
pieces, we take a particular pleasure. This is not simply ego-gratification,
though we confess to some of that. PLEASE…
of you out there! 🙂
more important is the satisfaction in knowing that others are thinking about
the issues we raise, view them as important, and consider what we write as
worth their reflection and sometimes their response.
Learn from Writing
“We would be less than honest if we did not also admit that we learn by writing blogs. We both believe that we can never be completely sure what we think about something unless we write about it, and in the process of writing, we learn. 
And learning is a joy for each of us. It is a superb substitute for more expensive forms of self-indulgence.
In writing our pieces, we try to “learn why the world wags and what wags
it” and effectively share our insights. We learn in the process of writing our
blogs. We hope you do as well.” –
Forbes Writers Thomas Ehrlich & Ernestine Fu
Doing Similar Things But with Different Priorities
the movie “Taken 3”, both Liam Neeson and Forest Whitaker wanted to arrest the villain. 
priority is to pull the criminal behind bars, b
Liam’s priority is for the safety of her daughter. 
We must always understand our own priority in doing something, and not just follow the crowd blindly because it is cool. Without knowing your priority, you will lose interest and fade away after awhile. 
I went to the gym when I was 18 because I am skinny back then. For the next 18 years, I never once stop going to the gym regularly, not because I am still skinny, but because I understand that the first priority of going to gym is to stay healthy. Furthermore, I feels good after the exercising session. 
Many years ago, a friend of mine go to the gym because he wanted to look good to attract opposite sex. After going to gym, he feels more confident (which is excellent), and manage to know his girlfriend (now wife). Once he is attached, he stop going to Gym only after 1 year. 
My First Priority from Blogging
Why am I putting blogging as my priority?
Of all the reasons listed
above, and on the top of the list, is to keep this blog as a library of
information for my children.
Just like Jim Rogers, I
wanted my children to learn philosophy. This blog will be my version of
philosophy textbook to them.  
I already started asking
my elder kid to read my blog, understand and summarize her thoughts! I also
take opportunity to chit chat with her referring back to some of the post I
So the more I write, the better my children become. This is my First Priority!
You can also refer to my
earlier articles below, which include other reasons why I blog. Another important reason of blogging is to escape my
comfort zone.
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11 thoughts on “What is Your First Priority? – Liam Neeson, Taken 3

  1. Hi Rolf,

    Thanks for sharing your philosophy behind your blogging journey. Hmm, what about for me? Initially it started out as a way for me to log in my thoughts as I go through this financial journey into stocks. Then I went deeper into investing, personal finance, book reviews, tuition, philosophy, insurance, and story writing.

    I guess the blog evolved as I evolved. Eventually, bullythebear becomes my platform to voice my thoughts and to clarify them. Will it be less fun if there's nobody commenting on it? Yes! But I think even if there's nobody reading, I'll still be blogging.

    I think ultimately, I'm seeking self enlightenment. Join me, if you're free. I'll still be here long after all those bloggers who are looking for instant passive income and instant fame had long given up on blogging LOL

    1. Hi LP,

      Thanks for the sharing your story too. 🙂 If you try, one thing always lead to another. If you don't try, nothing happen. Glad that good things chain all up for you.

      Guess you had already evolved into a free roaming butterfly, not the wriggling caterpillar anymore. :p

      Bully the Bear heading by itself is so intriguing & creative, let alone the contents.

      I agree that even if nobody reads/ comments, we will try our best to continue. The thing about blogging is spiritually you are never alone, even when physically you are!

  2. Hi Rolf,

    haha, I think whether I'm a free butterfly or still a wriggling caterpillar is not for me to say – it's for those present in my funeral to talk about 😉

    I love that line of yours..physically alone, spiritually never!

    1. Hi LP,

      I am not sure why you call yourself butterfly, but it the big contrast in caterpillar and butterfly signifies life. At one stage you wriggle, and then one day you fly.

      You will fly I am sure.

      Thanks for the compliments on the line. 🙂

      I am sure you are spiritually not alone also.

  3. hi Rolf

    i think if you read my blog, think you will laugh.
    i am not a good writer can write so much good article like you guys.
    i am not a good analysts, can do so deep financial analysis of shares.

    well, most probably i see so many of you blogging. so i also just blogging for fun, kill time.

    but i enjoy reading blogs. you guys really write very well:)

    1. Hi Yeh,

      Its great to hear you started a the blog this year. There is no right or wrong, no good or bad, just DO or DON'T. At least you Do! Kudos to you.

      I am helping to you to do some marketing here. http://yehinvestmentandmusic.blogspot.sg

      By the way, good prices you get for all the O&G stocks.
      Jia You….!

    2. hey Rolf
      i didn get any of the keppel corp, semb ind and semb marine.
      i think i queued too low price, so i didn get any, hahaha

  4. Hi Rolf

    I really enjoyed your post but it's all about the quality that matters, not quantity.

    I get what SMOL was trying to say and I am guilty of that myself. Maybe I'll consider taking a sabbatical from now. hahaha.

    Btw, I really enjoyed the Taken movie too but has not watch the final 3rd version.

    1. Hi B,

      Sama Sama… I enjoy your blog very much too. It is so informative, great analysis, great personal insight and above all, the effort put in is just exemplary.

      I can see that you are ramping up your blogging lately. Not sure what is the reason, but remember to take care of health.

      Taken 1&2 is really good. 3 is just so so ….. No matter what, Liam Neeson is so like-able, at least to me.

      Hope you enjoy the movie.

  5. By George!

    I have to be prim and proper over here.

    There's underage kids reading.

    Good day to you Sir!

    It has been a delight reading your blogging philosophy.


  6. Hi SMOL,

    Who is George? George of the jungle?

    Thanks. No worry next them I ask them read ur blog also.

    Be very careful about kids. If you treat them like kids they will be forever kids (mindset) even when they are 21. But if u treat them like adults but with proper guidance, u will be surprise how fast they learn n change.

    Most of the times, it's the older ones like us who are already dried n hardened n cannot be moulded! 🙂

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