A Busy Start in 2015 – But Remember Your Priorities!

It has been
a very busy start of 2015 for me. I was so tied up that it’s been more than two
weeks, since my last blog post. I cannot recall when the last time I have such
a long break between two blog posts. Apologies to all readers, but here I am doing
my best to write again.

As it is now, my busy schedule seems to be for a good cause. Let’s see why as follows. 
New Member in the House
First of
all, we welcome a new member in the house. Despite the cries and sleepless
nights (only little bit for me….guilty), the sight of the new innocent face
just melts your heart and spell “True Happiness”.
Isn’t she beautiful? Ya…. You will say look like my wife…. 
New Company
I once discussed
with a reader about companies consolidating in times of oil crisis. “Bigger
fish” prey on smaller ones. My company is one of them being preyed and “eaten”.
In fact, the acquisition news is an open secret started almost a year back. Yet
it is only official starting this year.
I am not
new to company acquisition. It happened first time in my career many years ago.
Luckily for me, it turned out really well then. With more experience and wisdom
this time, I am hopeful that things can turn out good. Fingers crossed, and no guarantee of certainty in an environment of
changes, just like the unpredictable stock market.
Bonus Surprise
2014 is a
good year for me and I am grateful. Refer
here for my review in 2014. To add icing to the
cake, I received a pleasant surprise from my boss during our annual review. For
a start, he revealed about O&G employees getting laid off in Europe due to
the low oil price. Furthermore, our company profit margins are thinning due to
increase competitions. Just when you are about to be realistic and trim
expectations, counter-intuitively, the commendations flowed in. I received
compliments about my work dedication, positive attitudes and good results in
the past year. I was rewarded with a maximum performance bonus. You are most happy when you are least
expected. You reap what you sow!
Know Your Priorities, Even if You are Busy
With the
company acquisition, I will relocate office and rub shoulders with more
colleagues here in Singapore. As a consequence, it is inevitable to anticipate
more emails, more meetings, more products to promote, and more business trips. While
at home, we will juggle more balls, with new little one crying, and older
little one oozing jealousy. Not to forget a heavier expense burden imposing
more stress on us.
recall the resolution I made for 2015. I blogged about it
here, and shown below also.
  • Healthy
  • Peaceful relationships – Family, Relatives and
  • Continue investing
  • Continue blogging
  • Continue meeting people
  • Continue reading
  • Sustainable job
  • Open mind to opportunities

time for health, family, friends, investing, blogging?
We are
always busy! When was the last time you heard a working Singaporean telling you
that he is not busy. Even if he is, he will not say so!
In the face
hectic schedule, it is paramount to remind ourselves constantly on our
priorities. And continue to work on it! 
Health.  You
cannot sacrifice health for wealth. That is stupidity! Many years ago, I received
a ticket reporting to the netherworld. I persisted, overcame the illness and
eventually throw that ticket away! One of the attributes to deteriorating health
is fanatic work commitment. I am not going to let
history repeat itself. Exercise regularly and eat healthy. 
Family, Relatives and Friends. So eager to see my little ones grow
and spend more time with my family together. It’s going to be tough! Now, not
to mention excess time left for relatives and friends. Nonetheless a connection is probably made with the heart and not always
determined by how much time you are together!
Continue Investing. No doubt about it. My target is to have xx
figures in xx years…LOL…. Several older bloggers always make fun on this statement.
No matter how busy, I will read business times in the morning and browse Sgx
news at night. Anyway, I made several transactions recently and will blog about
it, in one of my subsequent posts.
Continue blogging. Here, I am doing.
Continue meeting
. No short of
people to meet, with new colleagues in a global MNC environment. Cannot neglect old friendship too. 
Continue reading. This month I completed Jim Rogers “Street
Smart” book. The reading was done almost
throughout my business trip on the plane / airport. Seems easy to achieve, but
very often, you require discipline to overcome the lure of sleepiness and
Krisflyer entertainments!
Sustainable job. New parent company is cash rich and always
ready to invest. In view of the current low oil price, it provides stability.
Of course, there will be new changes and challenges for me. Not going to be
easy! But anyway, I did mentioned in one of my earlier posts, about my job
criteria ..1) Company able to pay my current salary. 2) My boss at least do not
detest me. At least I am pretty sure criterion 1 is fulfilled. Criterion 2, I
have to wait and see.
Open mind to

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9 thoughts on “A Busy Start in 2015 – But Remember Your Priorities!

  1. Hey Rolf,

    Wow…you have a great start to the year 2015! Congrats on your new born baby 🙂 I think you gave all of us a great reminder of what is truly important and urgent and what is just important but not urgent.

    Good health and great fortune ahead 🙂

    1. Hi LP,

      Thanks for the comments. Firstly, wish you have the perfect start in 2015 also. Actually the reason of writing this blog is also to remind myself about my health. It is deteriorating from the last two months from the lack of sleep.

      Like and agree with your statement on "important" and "urgent". Frequent times, we are urgent on the things that are just not too important.

  2. Hi Rolf,

    How truth it is! Yes health will be my no 1 priority this year.

    Congrats on your new born and great health in 2015.

    1. Hi David,

      Thanks for the well-wishes. I wish you "Dragon Horse Health and Spirit"!

      Newborn miss the jubilee year gift!!!

  3. Rolf,

    You crazy guy!

    Put blogging at the bottom of your priorities lah!

    Unless you have vision of turning this blog into a huge money making business one day.

    There's no contractual agreement between you and us readers on how many posts you "must" produce in a week 😉

    Blog when you have the time, have the inspiration, and most important of all, when it's FUN for you too!

    As a 4 years "veteran", I've seen too many cases of bloggers who burned-out in the end… Most never made it to the 2 years mark…

    Blogging should never become a chore 😉

    1. Hey SMOL,

      I agree with you about the burning out thing and stupidity of binding unwritten agreement. Hopefully I am not burn out after 2 years. But I must admit that last year I have more time, hence more posts.

      You probably do not know what my main purpose of blogging is. You can read my purpose tab. It is definitely not to earn big bucks. Neither is it to pacify readers.

      Main purpose of this blog is to serve as a journal for my little ones. A philosophy textbook for them. I already started asking my elder kid to read my blog, understand and summarize in her thoughts! I also take opportunity to chit chat to her referring back to some of the post. So the more I write, the better they become! This is the aim. Maybe one day, it become a book for them.

      Secondly I enjoy writing. Blogging is a good way to express my thoughts and constantly remind myself of the important things. You know my wife is not very interested listening to all my “big reasoning”大道理!So thank you reader here!

      I just watched the movie Taken 3 last night. I watched all 3 series and like the old man Liam!

      In one of the scene, Liam's daughter was captured. There were him and the police inspector in a conversation about the criminal. The inspector ask him to step back and let police handle the criminal / case. Liam ask the inspector "What is your priorities?" The Inspector answered to bring the criminal behind bars!" Liam told him "My priority is my daughter!"

  4. Hi L Young and Yeh,

    Thank you for the compliments. Every baby is beautiful in the eyes of their parents.

    Indeed grow up well and healthy is most important than anything.

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