August 2, 2021

6 thoughts on “Why China Today is so Different – My Own Travel Experiences in the Last 10 Years!

  1. Totally agreed with you Rolf. China progresses in the new era, especially the last 10 years had been phenomenon. In time to come, they will definitely overtake USA to become the economy powerhouse of the world. It used to be the Japanese who buy branded goods, they still do today but in lesser numbers now, the China Nationals are seen in major cities traveling and spending without a second thoughts. Once a year, I travel to France, whenever I walked by the LV's, I can see and hear them, majority shoppers in the shop are them. They don't buy 1 or 2, they left the shop in LV signature paper bags of 3 or 4.

    All the best to us Singapore.

    1. Hi David,

      Thanks for the comments. France is nice. I was in Paris last year too. Chinese buying spree at branded shops in Europe and Hong Kong is quite outrageous!. Hermes and Channel queues in HK are as long as Lim Chee Guan Bak Gua in Singapore. Price is miles apart though1

      Maybe the next time, you should leave the LV in France with 5-6 bags, overtaking their 3-4 bags! 

      While European brands still dominates among Chinese, I am also seeing increasing trends of China developing and using their own brands, such as Xiaomi phone, Lining sports apparels etc.

      Yes all the best to Singapore.


  2. Rolf,

    Your post reminded me of Singaporean travellers in the early 80s – there were many stories of Ugly Singaporeans then…

    It's a phase countries go through from developing to developed. Although some Singaporeans still have a 3rd world mentality looking at the way we behave at fast food outlets and hawker centres… Baby steps…

    Nice perspective on the "foreign competition" of the future. It's harder for parochial Singaporeans who can't appreciate or accept the reality that even if we don't compete with them here in Singapore, we still have to compete with them out there!

    Qingdao is nice isn't it? You know why traffic is smoother than Shanghai? No bicycles on the road!

    1. Hi SMOL,

      It is indeed a phase a country progresses. We probably do not have our plates all full at buffets nowadays! But are we still Kiasu today, and if it is good? Or are Singaporeans united and proud of this Lion city?

      Overall I agreed Singaporeans are not very open-minded. Within my circle, I noted that albeit Singaporeans travel a lot but most of the time we are appreciating monuments and places of interest as tourists, rather than understanding the cultures / way of living behind every country. We criticise more than we appreciate and learn! Nonetheless, Singaporeans are versatile to both west and east and still competitive. But one important thing I think we stand out is integrity. This is important!

      Honestly, I am a little worry about our Singapore going forward. Maybe one day we can start a school where Singaporean financial bloggers give regular talks!

      Qingdao is one of the better cities I been to in China. In fact I was in Huangdao, which is slightly further from the city area. It is near the coast with lots of greenery, fresh air and more polite people! I love it! Next time we go together..haha


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