Why China Today is so Different – My Own Travel Experiences in the Last 10 Years!

Although I frequent China for last decade,
the last two weeks were most intense. It is the only time I am in the country
for consecutive work weeks. I wrote a post on the plane to share my views on
the country. 

Conversation with a Chinese Taxi Driver
To begin, I will like to share an
interesting conversation I had with a Chinese Taxi driver from Qingdao few days
back. Coincidently, the driver worked in Singapore for three years as a waiter.
Two years ago he returned to Qingdao, his home town. So why did he leave
I was told that working in both
cities do not make any difference in terms of salary. As a Taxi Driver in
Qingdao, he earns net CNY7 to 8k equal to SGD1.4 to 1.6k driving 10 to 12 hours
a day probably every day. When he worked in Singapore, as a waiter for 8 hours
a day, 6 days a week, his salary is same or less. I think he excluded overtime.
Taking into consideration housing rental and a higher cost of living, he is
actually no better off. in Singapore On top of that, he missed home. 

The only benefit he mentioned
while in Singapore was probably the ability to save more money and not spend
unnecessary. This is probably because the objective is clear when working
overseas for him – to save and return home with a bucket of money! With the
savings he accumulated in Singapore, he paid 40% down payment on a new
apartment instead of the minimum 30% ruling in China.
He then give a general statement
that nowadays, people who stay in developed places like Shanghai, Beijing,
Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Qingdao etc will not go to Singapore to work for the
money, maybe only for the work experience. 

I can tell from the conversation
that he is a happy now and does not miss our Lion City very much. The only
thing the Qingdao driver missed in Singapore is the curry and the durian, I was told!
Specifically for Taxi driver, this
can be the case only for Qingdao. In cities like Beijing and Shanghai, being a
cabby is very frustrating as Traffic is always busy! Below two
receipts I keep for reference here in my blog. 

You can see that while fares (CNY25-26) are similar, distance traveled in Shanghai (5km) is more than half less than that of Qingdao (11.6km). This means that Shanghai fares are twice more expensive. However time taken is much longer in Shanghai. Example, it takes 23min to travel 5km in Shanghai, while it takes 16min to travel 11.6km in Qingdao. 
China Today
China had seen incredibly strong economic
success for the last decade averaging double digit percentage point growth a
year. People are flocking to major cities in search of “better life” and job
prospect. Today, major cities like Shanghai and Beijing has population around
24 to 21 million respectively. Data estimate that both cities will have
population surpassed 50 million by 2050. Aside from the economic success, the
country is also visibly more cultured today. Admittedly, many new migrants to
the city from rural areas may still be uncouth. However the Chinese are very
fast learner and as time passed, together with higher education and greater city-life
exposure they are becoming more refined each day.  
Examples of Improvements
Plane Experience
One noticeable change sighted is “Plane
experience” now and then. My maiden visit to the mainland was approximately ten
years ago on business trip, where I flew to Shanghai via China Eastern
Airlines. China Eastern Airlines then had no video entertainment. Seat legroom was
restricted and cabin crews were so well-trained compare to most developed
airline companies. The less than glamorous plane was definitely bearable if you
have to compare to the conduct of passengers.
After boarding the plane, the
punishment begins. You will be deafened by loud conversations. Plane seats will
always be inclined regardless of taking off, descent or meal time. You can also
find frequent intrusion of space with wide elbows and knees. During flight
descent, you can see passenger standing up to catch a glimpse of the scenery,
despite cabin crew shouting their lungs out asking people to remain seated. Upon
landing while plane is traveling at full speed, passengers will start to
unbuckle and stand up to open the overhead compartment, seemingly worried that
they have no time to get their belongings later. Once the plane come to a stop,
people will all be in a rush, start to push and shove their ways to be in front.
Today, most of my business trips
within mainland are with China Eastern Airlines. The plane experiences are
grave improvements compared to the past. Most people are already accustomed to flying, in line with the economic developments of the nation. Passengers are more
mild-mannered and familiar with plane etiquette. Noise levels are
lowered; seats are upright during takeoff with passengers buckled safely;
uncommon to see passengers stand up during descent or landing and lesser push
and shove. Cabin crews are more polite too with
cleaner air-craft environment. And of course uncivilized behaviors still exist
especially for people first time experience on flight, but the country is
taking a big step forward. Below are pictures of China Eastern Airlines plane, I boarded last week. It is definitely one of the better China Eastern Airlines planes I have taken. 
The toilets in China are generally
cleaner today. In some men’s toilet urinals, you will also see posters that
向前一小步,文明一大步!This means to “take one step forward (in doing your toilet business), and you will see huge cultural improvements.” 
drinking and smoking are still an integral part of Chinese business culture, I
had seen the down trend. In my own experiences seen, Chinese born in year 1980
and before, normally drink or smoke less today compared to those aged 40s and

I was once told by a Chinese Company President that in the past, toasts and bottom ups are
inevitable part of his business dinners. Today, he drank for pleasure, quit
smoking and also exercise more. Of course on the contrary, I also met another
President that bottom up almost every red wine glass, making dinner last only for a short one hour, before everyone “gone” with the alcohol! I was told that this President enjoyed
the “hype” atmosphere brought about by the high alcohol levels, more than the
love for the drink itself.
Rolf’s View
These are
just some examples of China’s startling advancement (non-tangibles) for the last decade. I am
convinced that country will be the top economy powerhouse surpassing USA, twenty
years from now or even earlier.

China vs
people like to compare India to China having the same potential of success. I
doubt so. The people of China are so motivated, dynamic and eager to learn.
More importantly, a lot of the Chinese who accumulated education and career
successes abroad eventually return to China. Admittedly, the Indians are motivated and dynamic too, but talented Indians
are leaving the country and reside permanently abroad. 

China authoritarian government
also mean policies are passed and implemented faster and easily than the
democratic India. I had been to both countries but the improvements I seen in China
is not felt in India. One obvious example is the road infrastructure. China has
roads (building more) so well organized than India. India roads are always almost
two-lane, unpaved, dirty with frequent crossing of people and even cows and
other animals.  


What it
means for Singapore future generations
To be
honest, I am starting to worry for our future generations. Today Singapore
still has an edge over China having built our foundations much earlier and
having more international exposure. Of course it is less polluted too! This
also explains why American and European countries love to have their Asia
Pacific HQ in Singapore rather than China even if majority of the market is
within mainland. Very often Singapore is acting like a bridge between China and
the west since we are bilingual and expose to cultures of both worlds. But what
lies ahead may be tougher for us as the Chinese continue to pick up steam and surge forward.
need to continue upgrade and invest in ourselves to stay ahead!

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6 thoughts on “Why China Today is so Different – My Own Travel Experiences in the Last 10 Years!

  1. Totally agreed with you Rolf. China progresses in the new era, especially the last 10 years had been phenomenon. In time to come, they will definitely overtake USA to become the economy powerhouse of the world. It used to be the Japanese who buy branded goods, they still do today but in lesser numbers now, the China Nationals are seen in major cities traveling and spending without a second thoughts. Once a year, I travel to France, whenever I walked by the LV's, I can see and hear them, majority shoppers in the shop are them. They don't buy 1 or 2, they left the shop in LV signature paper bags of 3 or 4.

    All the best to us Singapore.

    1. Hi David,

      Thanks for the comments. France is nice. I was in Paris last year too. Chinese buying spree at branded shops in Europe and Hong Kong is quite outrageous!. Hermes and Channel queues in HK are as long as Lim Chee Guan Bak Gua in Singapore. Price is miles apart though1

      Maybe the next time, you should leave the LV in France with 5-6 bags, overtaking their 3-4 bags! 

      While European brands still dominates among Chinese, I am also seeing increasing trends of China developing and using their own brands, such as Xiaomi phone, Lining sports apparels etc.

      Yes all the best to Singapore.


  2. Rolf,

    Your post reminded me of Singaporean travellers in the early 80s – there were many stories of Ugly Singaporeans then…

    It's a phase countries go through from developing to developed. Although some Singaporeans still have a 3rd world mentality looking at the way we behave at fast food outlets and hawker centres… Baby steps…

    Nice perspective on the "foreign competition" of the future. It's harder for parochial Singaporeans who can't appreciate or accept the reality that even if we don't compete with them here in Singapore, we still have to compete with them out there!

    Qingdao is nice isn't it? You know why traffic is smoother than Shanghai? No bicycles on the road!

    1. Hi SMOL,

      It is indeed a phase a country progresses. We probably do not have our plates all full at buffets nowadays! But are we still Kiasu today, and if it is good? Or are Singaporeans united and proud of this Lion city?

      Overall I agreed Singaporeans are not very open-minded. Within my circle, I noted that albeit Singaporeans travel a lot but most of the time we are appreciating monuments and places of interest as tourists, rather than understanding the cultures / way of living behind every country. We criticise more than we appreciate and learn! Nonetheless, Singaporeans are versatile to both west and east and still competitive. But one important thing I think we stand out is integrity. This is important!

      Honestly, I am a little worry about our Singapore going forward. Maybe one day we can start a school where Singaporean financial bloggers give regular talks!

      Qingdao is one of the better cities I been to in China. In fact I was in Huangdao, which is slightly further from the city area. It is near the coast with lots of greenery, fresh air and more polite people! I love it! Next time we go together..haha


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