July 30, 2021

4 thoughts on “Added – ARA Asset Management & Coca Cola Amatil

  1. Hi Rolf

    If i remember correctly, ARA has now divested some stakes in their Reits such as Cache and others. How do you see their plans different from what they used to have in the past (through Reits dividends as cashflow)?

  2. Hi B,
    Honestly I am not sure. Maybe the strategy is to have more partnership funds and later divest the funds to form Reits. Then ARA can manage and list the additional Reits to have more recurring/listing profits. I think ARA will continue to expand their portfolio in Asia, tapping CKH vast network of properties. My gut also assure me positive feelings of John Lim integrity, capability in managing the business and his vision to grow. To me, the strong leadership is sufficient to justify my buy, even without going into too much details! ARA is definitely long term stocks within my portfolio, unlike other stocks in my portfolio that is cyclical in nature which I am usually more careful and detail.
    Hope this answer.
    Thanks Rolf.

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