My TD Ameritrade (thinkorswim) Account is Finally Up!

After many months, my TD Ameritrade account is finally up for me to trade options in the US Market.

The trading platform is called thinkorswim, that originally is from ThinkorSwim Group, Inc acquired by TD Ameritrade in 2009.

I am now learning and using thinkorswim platform’s paper money account to trade options. For info: the paper money account is virtual money and the stocks’ prices are delayed 20 minutes. However, it is great for beginner to practise without losing real money.

There are so many functions in thinkorswim unlike our conventional dinosaur local trading platform, that I really have to “Think” or else be “Drowned” and not really swimming.

So far, trading options is not as easy for me. The Calls and the Puts can be really confusing. The so many buttons in the thinkorswim platform is great but not good for my old and fading memory!

Not sure when I will be trading my real money into options, or perhaps never?

Anyone out there care to share your experiences for trading options?

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