July 30, 2021

8 thoughts on “Is Singapore Economy In Danger for Long Term Decline (Part 1)? – The Flaws of “Seduction Model”

  1. Well said! Singapore sold shipping line (NOL), petroleum company (SPC), Utility company, (Tuas Power). All critical infrastructure companies for this country, what is left? Next to go SIA, PSA? I am worried for the next generation!

  2. Dear Kel, thanks for message. And thanks for the extra information for me that I do not know that even Tuas Power was sold, and yes, I forget to mention SPC which you reminded me.

    For all the companies we are selling, I really hope that we are not selling our souls, all the sake of money!

  3. Hi Rolf,

    Your straight talking is what keeps me coming back here, for that dose of fresh and different perspective (same reason why I frequent other blogs like SMOL).

    The threat is very real, and I am always mindful of the possibility of a long-term (slow) decline. Only thing I'm thankful for, is that I believe (like you do) that the impact to our generation is less significant.


    1. Thanks Kev for coming back. The seduction model alone also mean forever we will have more and more foreign PMETs and this fact cannot change regardless of how we vote in the election in the near future!

  4. good very-rainy-afternoon, Brolf.

    let us know if you are ever thinking of running for next election. hokay? =)

    i know where my vote is going.

    1. BroFC, yes…it has been many rainy days nowadays!

      Hahaha..when I was in younger, I represented my constituency for game and also get to know some important people and was in grassroot for awhile. White color! I really hate the attitude of sucking up to MP/minister and only serving the rich from my fellow grassroot members. I left after a short while. Never pull strings in my career!

      I really hope that one day when our generation is older, we can really change. The old method in the past, are old, and changes are needed!

      We need more people who are trully international and not just like the "frog" I describe in Part 2.

  5. Hi Rolf

    Sim has already coined the no u turn syndrome on locals. Probably due to ten years series education context and therefore, resulting the blind leading the blind.

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