August 4, 2021

19 thoughts on “Rolf’s Updates – My Priorities in Life – Health, Finance, Family, Friends & Hobbies – 2020 1Q

  1. Hey Rolf

    Great to see you doing so well in every turnaround.

    In distress that's where the real gem shines, who knows what else might comes for you 😉

    1. Hey B,

      To be honest, I am not proud at all in the situation currently. It’s quite sad and childish if I feels happy. A true real good friend of mine told me I m the kind who easily may got mistaken for?

      My resistance in the last few years into equity is mainly to protect my downside. And not seriously want to make a killing in this crisis. I have a big family to support (8 of us in total), and all 7 of them are looking at me. Our family do not have any other forms of backup, except me.

      So I have to be prudent. And as truthful as I write, I do not feel like shining.

      Just hope that the pandemic will end soon even if it means me not earning any $ or even losing little $. At least there will be less economic hardships for the poor and oppressed. They are the one who suffer!

      Also, I am glad to see a diff B nowadays really compared to when we first started blogging.

      You are a great husband and a great father now! 🙂 God bless!

  2. Hi Rolf,

    Looks like you're tanking very well 🙂 Very glad to hear things are well for you, since you're somewhat in that industry. Wishing you great health, great relationships and great wealth 🙂

    1. Hi LP,
      Hahaha… tanking well indeed. Hope you too! :-). Tks. O&G is tough, but actually since few years ago, I diversify role into other industries, and guess what including a specialised construction segment, which is doing pretty well. But you are right that, anything in manufacturing is going to be tough n not long lasting. Hence, been formulating somekind of backup plan into a totally diff industries if time is riped.

      Yes, wish you great health and stay safe.

    1. Hi sg div, the standard in SG is very high nowadays. She is not in the echelon group. Their standard is way too high and parents are the one who is putting equal if not more hardwork than the kids. And yes, lots of $$$ too!

  3. noticed more and more of your posts during this CB period.. more time now eh? haha..

    always enjoyed your posts, keep it coming!

    i am also 1.78m… its hard to keep that weight down! esp at the gut! everything seems to congregate at that particular spot.. i look pear shaped or "pregnant"!

    1. Hi FC, thanks for reading as always over the years. Appreciate it.
      Hope u are well and still in the same line?

      I am definitely an extrovert. The CB period has given me all the time which otherwise will have spend on family outings, travel, sports, catching up with friends and all driving here and there to send my kids for class n trainings.

      Yeah I remember you told me ur height. Last year all my pants are very tight and to safe money, I decided to flatten the curve at that spot! hahaha… Agree with u that it is really hard…but keep trying.

    2. what kinda exercises are you doing to "flatten the curve" at that spot?! (i think this warrants a blog post by itself! haha)

      i was up to 36~37 on my pants. now it fluctuates to 33~35 , depending on whether i am at home or when i am overseas at work. haha

    3. just realised i missed your earlier qn. got excited about the exercises.

      i am well, moved to my matrimonal home, finally.

      work wise, as you know, we (company wise) havent even recovered from the 2014 oil crisis, then kena whack with this covid19. we took a 15% pay cut company wide. and thats just the first knee jerk reaction. dont dare to think what is going happen in the next coming months. western hemisphere side has already laying off employees. so its not looking good for us employees, thats for sure.

  4. Hi Rolf, yes definitely looks like everything is going well in your life. it is like you are Moses and knew everything that was coming.especially getting the biggest increment this year. makes me feel envious. i must say you are lucky too 🙂 but I did not know how much effort you have put in. are you still in the same O&G company in 2015?

    1. Hi there, u probably only see the good things now! I apologise n must stressed it is dangerous to only see one side of coin from this post. Hence my long reply below to clear misunderstanding.

      This blog is also dedicated for my kids n friends, so they will probably understand better. Those who knew me in blogosphere 4-5 yrs back knew I’m struggling with retrenchments in the same company back then. I am in the same co even before 2015. When you see that someone is in O&G industry, it does not mean that their company core biz was in only O&G. The O&G part can perhaps be 10, 20, 30, 40% of revenue? I did say company has >300 yrs history in the post. If u google history of O&G n check the history?

      Although I said largest increment, it is relative. In fact my salary now is almost same as wat I was having from 10 yrs ago, b’cos I took a pay cut in 2013. So effectively, I do not have an increment for a decade already!
      If u visit mypage “about me”, u can realise I have tough childhood w parents in poverty struggling even w $ to buy food every week.
      2 yrs after graduation, there was one time when my bank account is less than $10.

      And I was in hospital bed at one point struggling with death. The illness has bothered me for more than 1 decade with constant pain.
      Guess up to last 2-3 yrs, my life wasn’t that good (I blame on myself), until I truly repented and change my behaviour n mindset n of course my self-centredness.

      Even before I saw ur comment, I was just telling my kids today that there is not really such thing as lucky. Even if lucky is temporary. It is more learning from failures.

      Moses suffered when he was born, and even at age 80, he had to live in wilderness for 40 yrs burdened by all the hundreds of thousands of people. Don’t think he has a good life and do not think he is lucky.

      And Moses himself did not know everything that was coming. But he was told on the things that was coming and he believed in that. This is the main difference!

      Stay safe and healthy. Actually will prefer u do not comment as anonymous as I can pray for u, truly from the bottom of my heart. There is really nothing much to hide actually. 🙂

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