Stock Market – Always unpredictable! So is life?

Not too long ago, many pundits are predicting a near future crash in the global stock market citing reasons of Trade War, Tensions between US & North Korea or a collapse of global monetary system. While all the above reasons are a concern, never did any stock guru mentioned the outbreak of plague which will plunge the market like what we are experiencing now. Not even when it was first reported end last year. So, do you still trust the stock guru? Still trust your data, charts and forecast which you have painstakingly analysed? Or still think that you have great foresight when your stocks start to rise?
Note: I do believe that the global monetary system will be at the brink of collapse one day. That is why, I have been accumulating a substantial portfolio of gold and silver in the last 4-5 years.
There is always a trade-off
Imagine you may have the most perfect plan? You work really hard to achieve your goals, and when you are close to “perfecting” your plan, some events beyond your wildest expectations took place and “there goes your plan and target”. Sounds familiar, and why does it always happen?
When we are over-focus on the temptations of the world, we may make temporal material gain, but there are bound to be something or somewhere, we will make a big loss in the intangibles.
Warren Buffett may be the Omaha stock guru, he never really manage his own family well and he broke the heart of the person he love most! It was his biggest regret. Likewise, Steve Job, who does not have the most enjoyable and loving family life, let alone any true friends around him. Lee Kwan Yew may be one of the most successful politicians, but immediately after he passed away, his beloved children embroiled into the nation biggest ever family conflict. It makes us wonder if the family values were truly taught or just “manage with fear”. Elon Musk may be the most industrious technology entrepreneur of modern times, but his love life is nothing to be proud of having divorced three times.
The list just goes on….
Not that I am saying that these great people (in the eyes of the world) are failures in their personal life, it is just that there is always a trade-off in life. Tangibles Vs Intangibles. Work Vs Family. Work Vs Health. Lovelife Vs Friendships. Worldliness, Selfishness, Self-centreness Vs Agape Love. Afterall, living life is not just a piece of cake. There will be many failures. We must seek to review and pick up ourselves to improve each day.
What and where is the relevance?
You must have wondered at this stage what message I am trying to convey. To me, the big relevance to the aforesaid can be explained with the 3Ps = “Pride” “Priority” “Peace”.
Pride leads to conflict and arrogance. It may give you the initial competitive impetus to drive for success, but it will soon fade away and goes before destruction. Bad Health and estranged family relationships tends to be the best instruments to humble the proud and snobbish. Not to “kill” (although sometimes it does), but for us to realize in our heart what truly is important and to learn or U-turn to be a better person.
What is your priority?
5 years ago, I written an article after watching the movie “Taken-3”. Refer here.
Liam Neeson then asked Forest Whitaker (acted as Police Inspector)  “What is your first priority?”
Whitaker answered, “My first priority is to arrest Stuart John and charged him with your ex-wife’s murder!” Liam Neeson replied “My first priority is my daughter!”
Priority in life is very important. We should have few key priorities at any time of our life. Different roles have different priority. Also, different stages of our lives should have different priority. The amount of time devoted to each priority list should also be well-mixed.
E.g. A student main priority is to pass the examinations. No doubt about that. A company’s employee main priority must be the overall benefit of the company and not solely self-interest! Husband’s priority must be wife and vice versa. Parents’ priority must be their kids etc
Mixing up of our priorities can often led to inefficiency and many disturbances in life.
It took me many years of failures to realise my real priority in life, i.e. H2F3 (Health, Family, Finance, Friends, Hobbies). And, I am still learning each day how to allocate the right focus and time on these 5 priorities so that there is the right balance.  You may also read it in my previous post about H2F3. I am far from perfect and have many weaknesses. Very often, the distractions from work, family and relationships made me go off-track in my priorities. That is when I love to have quiet moment to review, re-adjust with action to be back on track again. Despite the seriously lack of time juggling a big family, work, travel, friends etc, there will be times when I am suddenly reminded to read and write. Reading and writing is a great way for me to have a quiet and focus moment of thoughts.  
You can have all things in the world, but one thing that money cannot buy is, PEACE. Hitler was once the most powerful person on earth, but do you think he has peace? Just go “google” about Hitler’s health! Even Trump who is rich and powerful, do you think he exudes peace to you?
In life, we will face many trials and sorrows. Do not be beaten. It may be circumstances taking place to humble our soul, so that we realised we need to reorganised our priorities.
When we truly humble ourselves and have our priorities right, and act on it, then we can find peace. And peace can guard our hearts and minds at all times.

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