Pre-National Day Celebration – Just us…Eating, Singing and Watching Movie!

Took a day off yesterday to celebrate me and wife’s wedding anniversary. Yes, just two of us without the kids for almost the entire day. 

Not a very complicated one, but an enjoyable one. 


We love Italian cuisine…

Did spend some money on the meal… but could not have care too much since it was once in awhile on a special occasion. Compare to sometimes money lost / gain in stock market, this is really nothing! The overall good experience and joy matters more. 

We love singing…

We love movie…

Train to Busan is a good movie. It is not just a bunch of people running for their lives against the “infected” but it depicts the overall typical traits of mankind in one movie. 

Greed of a private equity fund leading to a nationwide crisis and a broken family for the fund manager.  

Fear and selfishness of mankind facing impending danger, leading to evil and wickedness. 

The ordinary guys/gals on the street, showing love and tenderness, sacrificing for others. 

A father repenting and seeing his daughter saved! 

Ultimately, hope and justice prevail for the innocent and kind hearted pregnant lady and the little girl. 


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9 thoughts on “Pre-National Day Celebration – Just us…Eating, Singing and Watching Movie!

    1. Hi my2cents,

      thanks. Yea, have been awhile since me and wife celebrate anniversary, so I reckon the best time to spend is when the economy is not so good. At least then we feel v happy!

      Hope u have a well celebrated special day as well…

  1. The fast and furious 8 is going to be one hell of a movie and I can't wait for it to come out in April. With Charlize Theron and Helen Mirren joining the cast, The fast and furious franchise has been pushed to a whole new level. Really looking forward to it.
    Movies that earn more than $1 billion worldwide tend to produce sequels. As such, Fast and Furious 8 was a no-brainer. Yet, the ridiculously lucrative Furious 7 ended with real closure Fast and Furious 8

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