It’s the
time of the year where me and my wife need a break to forget the work, the stock
market and even our children. Yes, it’s our yearly
routine trip to Bali. This will only be our first deserved overseas tour in 2016. It was a relatively short trip – 4D3N. Our initial planning was 5D4N but we
have to cut short the trip, in exchange for the good news that we were
shortlisted as “parent volunteers” for my child’s potential primary school and
have to attend a briefing on one of the days of our initial planned trip. 
Anyway, I
always enjoyed Bali for the
sun, sea, sand, nice restaurants,
cafes, bars, culture, friendly people, reasonable pricing. 
We also have a regular honest and reasonably priced local guide for years who will always bring us to all the nice places and explain to us all the local culture. 

Over the years we already been to several different parts of Bali, and this time round, it is the usual Kuta area that we stayed in plus the North East tour and also to the Southern Nusa Dua. 

Refer to my last year Bali trip here
The flight
Pamper ourselves with business class travel! Oops… this is not frugality. 
But it may not be as expensive as you think, thanks to my Krisflyer points! 
The Hotel

Our resort@ Four Points by Sheraton – In the past, we always
stayed in the main Sheraton Kuta for the location and nice breakfast, but this
time we opted for the cheaper newly opened Four Points by Sheraton Hotel.
My wife use her special contact to get ourselves a much better
room in Four Points but still almost halve the price compared to Sheraton.
The Weather
It’s a cloudy and rainy most of the times … but still a fabulous trip for

The Food 

Traditional Balinese food! Thanks to our local guide. 
The Fine Dining

Amazing romantic fine dining at Majoly restaurant. Another good recommendation from our guide. 
Time for my hobbies

Beautiful view, cooling weather and a cup of hot tea to accompany my writing!

One of my all time favourite gyms I ever patronised in all hotels I been to. 
Interesting displays

Money register! 
The scenery 
View of Mount Agung in the background, a stratovolcano that is on the highest point of the island

View from Pura Besakih – Public temple of the Balinese

The romantic view during our dinner!
The shops
Shopping in Kuta, Legian, Nusa Dua etc
The temples

Pura Besakih temple

Pura Goa Lawah – Bat Cave temple
The animals

Can’t see well? These are giant spiders! 

Cocky rooster! 

Thousands of bats! 
The beach

Kuta beach at the very beginning. Quiet and clean!
The spa

Our favourite spa at Sheraton Kuta. Although we are not hotel guest there this year, and it is very pricey, we love the quality of massage. 
When it’s time to pamper ourselves, the price tag is immaterial – my wife says this, not me…LOL! 
The coffee 

A good tour cannot go without good coffee. The illy espresso coffee in the hotel just taste so good! 
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4 thoughts on “Bali Trip 2016

  1. Hi Rolf,

    Wow, looks very good. Always tempted to go Bali, but settled for the cheaper Batam/phuket instead. One day will try it 🙂

    1. Hi LP,

      Thanks. You should definitely try at least once.

      I been to Phuket before and it left behind a splendid memory for me and wife. I prefer Bali because it is generally more organised and nearer than phuket. For Batam, I been there so many times due to work, but it is not so safe I feel.

      Price wise, Bali is not expensive either. You look at my photos, will think that all looks expensive, but they are in fact very affordable and reasonable pricing. Our total spendings are 1.2K +/- for two of us including hotels and all spendings but excluding the flights which I exchanged using miles. In fact it also included the extra tips I normally generously pay my guide, because we really like him a lot over the years.

      Of course it is still up to individual preference and my guide cum Bali friend really educated us a lot.

      Compare to the money many loss in stock markets, I think it is nothing to have happy times with your close ones.

  2. Love Bali! Fantabulous! Oh man, seeing your pics remind me of the nice memories I have. I always stayed in pool villas though – that's the one weakest I have, but I don't care too much for brand names if there is a redeeming factor 🙂

    Yeah, I know what you mean. Business class on short-flight countries aren't that expensive if we have some points/miles or promotions to take advantage of.

  3. Hi Kevin,

    I also quite like Bali except for the higher terrorist attack threat it has to withstand after the Bali Bombing in 2012.10.12 after 2011.09.11.

    I see that you also like to travel very much?

    I stayed once in pool villa also with a local brand hotel also. It is also good. But for this time, my wife is able to get very special rate in this new hotel.

    Actually I started redeeming my miles for economy tickets. But because the most basic-lowest mileage redemption scheme in the economy class ran out, I have to use more miles for the next higher scheme. Then I was told by customer service that for almost the same miles in the middle-scheme for economy class, I can exchange for Business class lowest scheme. That is the reason and all I had to pay was approximately S$400 for 2 business class tickets.

    So sometimes what seems expensive can also be relatively reasonable. Anyway, the whole most important point is we enjoy our trip!

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