July 23, 2021

9 thoughts on “Sickness or Longevity having close association to a person’s character and work he or she does

  1. Hi Rolf,

    Great post! I'll take the lessons well. I think in the past I was too strung up too, always aiming for perfection. It's only recently that I started to relax a little. It takes a long time to unwind a stretched spring.

    I love my job too much (but not the intensity). I think I'll continue working even after reaching FI. Work is not just a source of income, it's also where I think I can be most beneficial to society and I will want to contribute until I can't.

    Thanks for the post again 🙂

    1. Hi LP,

      Thanks for the compliments and I glad you manage to wind down. I always look up to you with utmost respect on your passion and devotion to your job.

      I am sure it is not even easy to relate this to majority of the working class today. Just ask around …

      Every job has their pros and cons and ups and downs, be it corporate, civil service, your own company, or even as a stay home dad/wife! The focus has to be on the pros more than the cons, otherwise we will feel quite miserable and yet can do little in the short or medium term.

      Eventually like you, I will prefer to do something that can contribute more to the society rather than all the corporate rubbish employees have to endure most of the times. Let us all do our part for the better of this country and our future generations.

  2. Rolf,

    Ah! Ikigai – the reason we get up in the morning 😉

    I've always been the "agar agar du hor" (estimate can already) kind of person.

    My problem is the reverse; I can be too "tidak apa"…

    One thing I've discovered by sheer luck is that by being "still" – I can better listen to my body, and hear what my heart is trying to tell me all this time 😉

    1. Hi Jared,

      Thanks for enriching me on “ikigai”. I looked up on it will like to share the following to readers:

      In the article named Ikigai — jibun no kanosei, kaikasaseru katei ("Ikigai: the process of allowing the self's possibilities to blossom") Kobayashi Tsukasa says that "people can feel real ikigai only when, on the basis of personal maturity, the satisfaction of various desires, love and happiness, encounters with others, and a sense of the value of life, they proceed toward self-realization."

      The attitude of a man going uphill and downhill is entirely different. Perhaps using the same approach and having the same attitude towards different situations at all times is also not so appropriate.

      I like the part on being still very much!

  3. Hi Rolf,
    Don't need to have a grander purpose.
    Simple folks have simpler purposes
    Just have a purpose is enough.
    Like if you can help, help to the extend you can.
    And not force yourself to do it.
    Most important you can look at anyone into their eyes and not turn away in shame in your heart.

    1. Hi temperament,

      Yes I know what u mean n u r right. Guess the author has the same meaning as u but just the word description differs.

      Bcos if u say just have "purpose", to some what if that "purpose" in life is ''to eat, sleep, "nuah" and only they happy at the expense of others!''


      Yea… the heart must be upright!

      Billy Graham asked "is ur heart right?"


  4. Rolf,

    Nice post. When we achieve emotional balance, either through grander purpose or whatever, the longevity does not matter.

    I would rather not live past 90. Even if I am healthy and had money … Of course, not that we have a choice then.

    1. Rolf,

      Thinking about it, i used to be a "cheongster" at work too. Now not so much. I saw my younger staff cheonging now…

      Maybe we see it as wisdom, they see us as "old" hahah

  5. Hi LP,

    Yes agree with what u said.

    Sometimes emotional control is easier said than done, because we are afterall human beings and not robots! And some traits are inherited or via environment when we were young.

    We cannot change the past. But we can change the future.

    It's not easy but at the very least we must realise and accept our flaws n apologise of wrong and have the grit to go agst our comfort zone to change it. Gradually also ok… so that people around us will benefit from our change and have a better life also.

    Looking at the juniors, all I can say is 必经之路!

    But maybe if we find it worthwhile n if it is beneficial for people who matters, imagine we have wisdom, and yet still can Cheong, then it will be wow! hehehe…!

    One day, I will very much like in a sector that can educate and pass it on too, just like u and LP.

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