July 27, 2021

6 thoughts on “Recent Actions – Sold Telco! Short Term Bearish, Long Term Still Bullish!

  1. 1) if long term bullish why sell it at a loss.

    2) you did not really justify your long term bullishness. it is just hope.

    anyway good writing.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      1) Because u can buy back cheaper later in short to mid term!

      2) Long term bullishness is justify by the eventual population growth which I mentioned. That also justify why u can buy back when price drop.

      Thanks for the

    2. Also for long term, if u see how telco in SG has evolved not just as a telco over the years.

      It is not true that Starhub may remain as a telco only over time. This is the reason and in fact all is written in the last section.

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