This is my second trip to Perth. The first was five years ago  where the streets were so quiet and so difficult to even find a proper dinner meal after 6 pm. Perth today is so different with so many new developments and a much improved night-life. Ok, let the pictures do the talking as follows…

Perth, the capital and largest city of Western Australia with ~2 million people.

The view of Swan River

Temperature is between 15 – 35 deg celsius! 

My hotel room at St Georges Terrace. Support local developer, Ascott Citadines!

Murray Street – Good for shopping

Singapore Airlines along St Georges Terrace – the main street in the city of Perth

St Georges Cathedral

Louis Vuitton at King Street

The Australian Oil and Gas exhibition at Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre

Titanic Museum

My boarding pass onboard Titanic 

The real passenger, Algernon Henry Barkworth who was a Justice of the Peace, onboard Titanic on 10 Apr 1912. 

Going onboard!

Mr. Barkworth was staying in First Class cabin that look like this more than 100 years ago. 

Passengers gazed at the remarkably bright stars, with the pitch dark sky as background
Breakfast time! 

Lunch time! 

Dinner time!

Woolworths supermarket – Yes, I am a vested shareholder! 

Another Woolies at the outskirt! 

Awesome sunset view! 

Time to say goodbye! 

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8 thoughts on “Perth Trip

  1. Howdy, fellow traveller. I haven't been to Perth yet. One day, perhaps. Melbourne is next on my list!

    I love exploring Woolworths – supermarkets overseas are so interesting!

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Perth is definitely not as interesting as Melbourne as I heard. I will love to go Melbourne, then Sydney and prolly next in my list as well, just like you. I had been to Brisbane Gold Coast, but that is donkey years ago.

      Woolworths… yes maybe even more interesting is the new CEO!

    1. Hi B,

      Good to hear that. Travel with ur family?

      Since this is business trip, I have not been traveling around by public. Either friend fetching or taxi or most of the times just walk for me.

      I think 20km is around Aud45-50! Things in Perth aren't cheap!

  2. Hi Rolf,

    Thanks for sharing on your blog.

    I heard there is 30% Witholding tax on Australia stocks. Is that correct?

    Does the wht deter u from holding Australian stocks?


    1. Hi Alfred,

      Thanks for dropping by. If u r interested in investing in AU, u have to checked if dividend is franked or not. Fully franked dividend means the co already paid on behalf before they distribute div. So far I did not pay any tax.

      More impt is currency exchange for me. AUD vs SGD….

    2. Hi Rolf

      Thanks for your reply.

      I understand that for unfranked dividends non residents will need to pay a Witholding tax of 30% and there is no tax refund for this. Is my understanding correct.

      When I last checked there are companies that pay unfranked dividends.

      Agree on the exchange rates given that it is weakening against the sgd now. But it will recover when the commodity sector recovers. So hang in there 🙂

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