July 30, 2021

10 thoughts on “Good Bye 2015, Hello 2016!

  1. I recommend you to read an old book – "men are from mars, women are from venus", this will help you to understand and communicate better with your partner:) hope it helps!

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Thanks for the recommendation. My wife bought that book long long time ago and asked me to read.

      While bickerings in a relationship is common, it definitely helps if it can be improved via better understanding of each other.

      Thanks once again and wish you HNY2016.

  2. Hi Rolf

    Our child both passed 1 year old recently! Quite fascinating to learn from their behaviours. haha.

    Can tell both of us were having a hectic lifestyle in year 2015. Should wise up on more time management in year 2016.

    What you have shared, i feel you. Investment, health, family, career. Love your part on your extra income from O&G writing. Thumb Up.


    1. Hi FD,

      It is a blessing to see our child growing up healthily. Frankly me and my wife were guilty to spend comparatively lesser time on the younger one, than her older siblings back then.

      I wish you all the best in 2016 and yes more time…more time… more time!

      Not to be the slaves of work!

  3. Hi Rolf being able to propose business changes is something which is valuable albeit challenging but nonetheless I suppose you must be in a very good position / role to do so. I wish my career has that ability but unfortunately not

    1. Hi cheryl2010,

      Thanks for commenting first time. Frankly, it's more for survival in the current depressed environment. Ultimately, I prefer to propose a biz plan for my own company. That said, this can be a good practice. I am sure ur time ll come if u stay proactive n always provides ideas. Wish u all the best!

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