July 27, 2021

2 thoughts on “Netherlands and Shanghai – Cold weather but Warm people!

  1. Rolf,

    You company treats staff well!

    My previous company only let us stay 4 star hotels. But I'm not complaining! That's because I stay in hostels during my private travels – so everything is an upgrade to me!

    Ah! Amsterdam red light district. Fond memories of my night time tour there that's lead by an elderly matron who was an ex-prostitute. Shared with us on the many tricks and realities of their chosen profession.

    I still can't get over this fact – prostitutes in Netherlands pay taxes!? You issue tax invoices to clients? Like "fa piao" in China?


    I like Amsterdam. Especially the quaint houses that line the canals. So romantic! It was visiting Amsterdam that let me have the idea I can work in Europe!

    Our office there has a 4.5 days work week. One week work 5 days, one week work 4 days. Now that's work life balance!

    Things never go as planned as the Amsterdam office was closed and I ended up in Athens.

    Well, that wasn't so bad!

    1. Hi Jared,

      Well guess it will not be long before this privilege ends. Just look at the sentiments in the O&G industry. Anyway, 4, 5 or even 3 stars is not a big concern for me nowadays. A job that pays and exposes is perhaps more impt.

      I did not know that Prostitutes in AMS have to pay tax. It is crazy, and yes, tax in Netherlands in general can be as high as 40-50%.

      AMS is really nice with the canals and houses like you mentioned, but it has become too touristic and sometimes a bit rowdy with all the “coffee shops”.

      Perhaps Athens will serve as a more significant experience compared to AMS since Greece has gone bankrupt now.

      But anyhow, I reckon both will serve as good experiences. Just look at your "nei han" today! haha

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