If George Soros is correct, what if investing is my current number 1 hobby? Boring hobby? 
What if I am having fun in investing, does that automatically means that it is bad investing? 

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9 thoughts on “Good Investing Is Boring

  1. Agree and disagree.

    Agree: Investing should not be the remedy to kill ones boredom. Else it would develop into trading and if even more excitement and faster movements are required, gambling in stocks.
    There are cheaper remedies to produce equally entertaining feelings.

    Disagree: Whether investing is entertaining depends on one's entertainment threshold (how fast do profits/losses have to happen to entertain you?).
    Entertaining can mean fascinating or intriguing as well and does not only mean 'fun'. Some people find chess entertaining and others visiting the dentist.

    And congrats to George Soros for spending his life on non-entertainment and no-fun (he is considered a good investor, isn't he?).

    1. Yes I agree to ur agree n disagree! 🙂

      Guess the best way is to make our life super interesting. So that if investing is really boring, u still are overall very interesting.

      How does that sounds?

    2. Sounds good to me.

      Unfortunately we can’t pinpoint exactly what makes our life super interesting beforehand. But we know with certainty what is not interesting at all.

      I realized that often negative knowledge (what n o t to do) is much more potent than positive knowledge (what to do).

    1. Hunting is exciting, but more dangerous! Fishing is boring but safer!

      While waiting for fish, do something else like chit chat, eat chips, read books etc

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