Tomorrow is Polling Day. 
This is only the second time I will be voting in the GE because for earlier elections, I was living in a constituency led by LKY with walkover each time. 
GE 2011 
My first election was 2011 as resident in Bishan-Toa
Payoh GRC. 
During one instance then, I was having breakfast at hawker
centre when Chiam See Tong walked up and shake hand with me. Never mind
his frail physique, I felt the sincerity, commitment and passion. 
Mr. Chiam was contesting against PAP led by the then DPM Wong
Kan Seng, whose popularity had visibly declined over the escape of Mas Selamat
few years before!
Back then, Singapore economy recovered extremely fast from GFC. Yet, we faced problems of rising cost, especially in housing, loose immigration
policy, overcrowding etc 
That same year I was constant traveling for work. I watched most
of the rallies in Hotel while on a business trip in Houston USA. 
It was also an election that sees WP coming into power, with PAP suffered their worst showing in history. 
What has changed in the last
four years? 

Let’s take a look at some of the issues and compare then and now. 
Cost of living. Cost albeit not reduce has not increased exceedingly
either. This is particularly the case in Housing, due to the series of measures
implemented to curb speculation. On the contrary, Car COE took a big step up
since 2011. GST stayed the same at 7% since 2007. 
Tighter labour policy. It’s pretty obvious in restaurants and
retail shops you see lesser migrant workers. Companies also see rising cost due to manpower crunch, lowering down the margins. The positive impact for some could be a better working environment and improvement in service quality. 
Overcrowding problem. It’s no better now and with MRT breakdown
frequently, it adds fuel to fire. More hospitals are in the plan since, such as extension of Raffles Hospital, Ng Teng Feng Hospital etc. More retail malls
both in town and in suburban to diverse crowds too. 
CPF. Highlights are minimum sum (MS) last rose in 2014 to $155k
and expected to be raised to 161k this year. The MS for 2011 was $131k.
 In addition, my employer contribution increased from 15.5% before
election in 2011 to 17% currently.
Medical care. Medishield life to replace Medishield by end 2015.
Read Bigfatpurse elaboration here
GE 2015 
In this election, it is highly possible that the deceased of LKY
and the country celebrating SG50 will rouse emotions of Singaporeans. 
The current poor economic outlook might also lead citizens to view stability and track records more critically than the last election. In my opinion PAP had also better their performance in the last four years compared to the last (2006-2011). 
Therefore, I reckon PAP will improve their performance in terms of total number of votes in this GE. Yet, whether PAP can still hold on or better their total number seats remain unseen. 

Other than WP, the rest of the opposition is really too weak. WP is seen by many opposition supporter as an organise and well-discipline unit, who sensibly indicated their intention is not to start a new government now, but rather to provide more checks and balance. I also see little effect from the town council issues affecting their votes, as levelheaded Singaporeans will probably see it more as a pure “political” squabbles between the two parties. 

To me, both PAP or WP are good parties with a common goal to better Singaporean’s lives. I am grateful to see good people working hard for our country, our people, and our future generations. I am even more grateful that Singaporeans do not have natural disasters and crime rates are low. 
Ok, less than 12h before voting starts! 
Happy voting. 

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2 thoughts on “2015 vs 2011 GE – My Thoughts

  1. hi, i should not make any comment on sg election. but i read some of my friends fb post, they support opposition just for the sake of opposite the PaP. some even said, any party can do, as long as no vote PAP.

    well,my home country government is much more lousier than sg government, so i think PaP not perfect but considered not bad.

    Most of the times, we should not just take things for granted.

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