July 27, 2021

9 thoughts on “Liew Mun Leong’s Advice in Career & Life

  1. Hi Rolf

    Another good read. Thanks.

    All content here is good, just want to highlight this :

    Most of you will have 40 years or more in your working life. Unless, of course you plan to retire very early in your 40s, when you should ordinarily speaking still be peaking. It would be wasteful if you choose to stop work prematurely, since so much human capital has been invested in you. And believe me, you will be bored to death if you let up too early in life.

    I think this part has many arguable factors because not everyone is career driven. Some prefer less working hours, , some more family time, some for volunteer calling, some for personal interests and others.

    1. Hi FD,

      Thanks for dropping by again.

      You are right that it does not apply to everyone and not everyone is career driven. Agree.

      Mr. Liew is speaking to a bunch of graduates, giving inspiration to their career, so guess the focus is still career guidance.

      He at close to age 70, having so many experiences in lives and meet so many people before, sometimes what they say, there must be some element of accuracy!

      Maybe just absorbed what is relevant. Eventually u must know what u really want and strive towards it and that is "Happiness", I suppose.


  2. Human Asset is like this. You don't keep moving up after some years; you are condemned. That is why our Financial Assets must complement our Human Asset and finally overtake human asset so that we can put our condemned Human Asset to junk yard. LOL!

    1. Hi CW,

      Agree! That is what u r doing for many years, and indeed "smart and correctly!" 🙂

      So ready to throw ur human asset into junk yard soon? haha

      End of the day, it is still developing and growing our assets that is of importance, regardless which type.

  3. Excellent article, I like the part about "There is no need to rush to peak in your career climb"….I think too many people in Singapore are not patient on this aspect, tend to always look out only towards next promotion and do not think about expanding scope of work, overseas experience, taking on different responsibilities…thinking that these might slow down them down, contrary…this might make them even stronger for an even better career later…

    1. Hi,

      🙂 Absolutely! This is also the part that catch my attention the most, to put up this article.

      I personally had witnessed many so-call more "competent in their work and also hardworking chaps, but lack the "stamina" and "patience". Common traits will be blaming the jobs, the superiors, companies… Sometimes there can be so many possible exposures in the company that they themselves never notice or never suggest.

      Even if it is really a lousy company or boss but somehow they forget to blame themselves for choosing the job in the first place!

      Acknowledgement of mistakes in working career or life is utmost important and a true virtue!

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