July 29, 2021

4 thoughts on “Dave Ulrich – Father of Modern Human Resource

  1. That seems to be an interesting chap with accurate views.

    In context with "Half-life of Knowledge" I recently read a very true paper.

    It stated that "People are coming to rely more and more on search engines rather than their own memory. When the study was released, many people fretted about this and how it is hurting our brains and making us dumber."

    While this is certainly a common argument and so true for me, I took away the opposite conclusion. Paradoxically, by not relying on our own memories, we become more likely to be up-to-date in our facts, because the newest knowledge is more likely to be online than in our own heads.

    And isn't that a good thing?

    1. Hi Andy,

      Refreshing philosophical views about search engines keeping us up to date.

      It lead me to wonder maybe 50% of our brain memory power should store the key principles that does not change with time.

      For e.g, Using my own blog as an e.g. I reckon the principles of 1) know urself 2) invest in urself and 3) find ur passion will in general not vary with time.

      Then the other half of the brain, should always be keeping up to date in our facts or new knowledge.

      If u do not want ur brain to be dumber and also do not feel like remembering and prefer search engine, maybe can try this:

      If u r right handed, try brushing ur teeth for the next few months using ur left hand.

  2. Seldom Finance blogs talked about HR. Interesting. In Singapore, HR is busy generating papers. Business HR are plenty, but could be underdeveloped for most?

    People usually associate salary, benefit, recruitment and performance appraisal with HR. They seldom think of hey, HR is an enabler to achieve my business objective!

    Good read.

    1. Hi FD,

      My apologies for putting HR topic here. Thanks for continue reading.

      Human resource, human resource!…as the word suggest is "about people"!

      And undoubtedly, people are the enablers of business.

      Most companies of today stereotyped HR to be more like an administrative function!

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