August 5, 2021

13 thoughts on “My Personal Finance Story (Part 2) – Everything Happens For A Reason

  1. Hi Rolf,

    Everything happens for the best! I am in agreement with that 🙂 We just need to see the silver lining behind every setback, brush it off, smile and get up and going again. They say that courage is all about getting up from your falls and try again and again.

    Always be humble. If you're not humble on your way up, you'll be humbled on your way down 😉

    Thanks for sharing your life story – it's really interesting to see the stories behind each person 🙂 Beats those generic 5 pointers or 10 pointers a million times over 😉

    1. Hi LP, replaced “reason” with “best”. You are more optimistic than me! Haha  .

      “Humility” is when you reached another phase of development in your life. Many people try to pretend they are humble, but they are not! They simply love listening to “apple-polishing” remarks. I prefer to hear the truth!

      As for courage, it can also apply to those still searching for their true love! I am saying this to my best friend who face this problem, not to our friend in this blogosphere. Haha

      I wrote in my part 1 “Although LP is not the source blogger causing this viral, I was influenced by his post “why I am interested in personal finance”, sharing his personal finance journey. To me, sharing of personal experiences always educates more convincingly than just infusing streams of theories. Now, let my own story begins as follows.”

      Thanks for the inspiration! 

  2. Rolf,

    Both of us have the same source of inspiration for our writings 😉

    Remember there was a time you wondered why there were so many comments at some blogger's post?

    You have figured out the reason 😉

    No telling/assuming what others should do, or use cheap parlour tricks like listicles – top 10 reasons why; the 3 ways how, etc…

    It's infinitely more interesting to know who Rolf is, what's your opinion, and what you have done!

    I'm impressed.

    You have the courage to share both your triumphs and stumbles! Most will conveniently gloss over their failures…

    1. Hi SMOL,

      "不敢当” for the compliments. You are the Master "shifu"! I am still new… lots to learn in this blogging world.

      Anyway it is still very difficult to figure out how to receive a century of comments. 🙂

      But I figure like what you mentioned, it is so important to acknowledge and share the stumbles.

      Be truthful to others, and more importantly to ourself!

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