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Our Tribute to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew: 


Dear Sir,
I was born in the late 70s from a humble family, and you were
our prime minister then. In the 80s, I will often see you on TV, giving
speeches that were of no meaning to me then. In primary school, I will sing
popular National Day songs with my mouth and throat more than my heart and
Decades had passed and we witnessed the successful
transformation of Singapore to a first world country. Undoubtedly, it was
a result of the governing principles behind those speeches back then. 
Having travelled frequently worldwide in the last ten years, I
am extremely proud to be a Singaporean when I am abroad. I am a father now and
I will make sure all my children are as proud as me to say, “I am a
All these are not possible without you and your team giving up
so much, to build this place into a beautiful Nation we call home.
Today, we “Stand Up
for Singapore”
paying tribute to you with utmost admirations.
We sing with our hearts and souls, “We Are Singapore!” 
“Count On Me,
Thank you and rest in peace.

Rolf & Family.

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