July 27, 2021

13 thoughts on “I am Successful Because I am Capable? Do not be Fooled by Randomness!

  1. Hi Rolf,

    Good right? LOL 🙂

    Hold on to that idea and go on to read black swan. The picture becomes clearer and the idea gets crystallized when you finish the trilogy (fooled by randomness, black swan, antifragile …in that order). If you still have time, throw in bed of procrustes.

    He is still my favourite modern day philosopher 😉

    1. Hi LP,

      Thanks for the introduction. Really appreciate it.

      Since young, I had always did poorly in my english. O Levels was a random event that I got B3 – I was ecstatic. During A Levels, it a better reflection when I got E8 for GP.

      In this book, many occasions, I read the same paragraph several times to understand. another 3 books by Nassim Taleb….. phew… lots of my my time…..

      Literature is also not my strong subject. You know Nassim Taleb loves poems.

      Adam Khoo's books are still easier to read…haha…

    2. Hi rolf,

      Don't worry! Some books take more than 1 reading to appreciate, and it's often these books that we come back again again to revisit the ideas. The book might not have changed, but we will grow and interpret the same words different based on what we had experienced in life.

      Just get a brief over view of the big picture. You don't have to understand every line in order to see the bigger picture. Black Swan should get better to read than this 😉

    3. Hi LP,

      Indeed. What is the same reads different over time! What is changed? Not the contents, but ourselves!

      Must read black swan before the black swan.. thanks for the recommendation.

    1. Hi CW,

      After Monday, I will have 3.8mil war-chest to whack….
      Then I can have 6 figs of passive income.

      I will sing "if I have 1 million every morning".

      By the way, I have never buy Toto in my life. How to bet huh? hehe

  2. It's a great book indeed. Fooled by randomness made me realise there's a lot of bullshit out there that we need to filter!

    1. Hi RetailTrader,

      Yes, we are born to filter. Look at our health systems, almost every system filter.

      Nassim Taleb is a uniquely talented character!

  3. Hi Rolf,

    Thanks for introducing this book. I'm going to make that my next read. It reminds me of the book "freakonomics", was it really luck that a drop out like Bill Gates founded Microsoft and why is that Students born earlier in the year always seem to do better than those born near the end of the year.

  4. Hi Derek,

    The thanks belongs to LP. Enjoy the book.

    Is it true that students born earlier in the year always seem to do better? Hmm..

    Now I know the time to try for baby! 🙂

    1. Hi Lazy Singaporean,

      Great minds think alike! It's not a typical book, but one that is uniquely clever, and has its own flair!

      By the way, thanks for dropping by!

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