July 23, 2021

10 thoughts on “A Tale of 3 Chinese Drivers – Different Ideologies of Life

  1. Rolf!

    Welcome back and what a post!!!

    You have brilliantly captured the glass half-full and glass half-empty social angst that's quite evident in Singapore too.

    It's a post that blends the experiences of your humble childhood with your current success.

    The result is something real, something personal.

    I like!


    1. Hi SMOL,
      Thanks for commenting. Your compliments too big for me to handle. I am already filled with helium gas.
      Frankly, I must say you are one of my inspirations in my writing. I enjoyed articles you posted. Mine is pretty much what I see and hear on the streets, which I enjoyed sharing.
      Success? Where where where….cannot find leh…. Maybe should say happily contended now…more appropriate!
      I have to agree with you that this sort of social angst is evident now in Singapore.
      Should we focus on if the glass is half full or empty? Hmm..at least we still have a glass to hold to? Maybe we can also focus on how to ensure the glass does not break, and slowly fill it up the way we want it to be?

      Yes, Happy advance CNY….Cheers!

  2. Hi rolf,

    Great post! But hor, you very evil, ask people to choose one of the three… It's hard to choose, and why would I want to live their life lol! I'm very happy with mine and that's all that matters 🙂 I think if you always try to live up to expectations of others, it's hard to be happy. Neither do I want to live the life of others because everyone has their own ups and downs.

    If only we can be kinder to everyone around us because they have their own shit to face, the world will be a better place 😉

    Welcome back and enjoy the company of friends and family 😉

    1. Hi LP,

      You are always so smart. Ok I agree with you to be happy with your life. I will not force you to choose just like someone else…LOL … haha.

      You and SMOL are two bloggers in my list of admirers (I still like women!)

      By the way (sidetrack), I am already reading halfway the book “Fooled by Randomness” – recommended by you. Such a beautiful book. The ideas conveyed is so unique and soulful. It definitely touched me, just like your article also.

    2. Hi rolf,

      Wah, you flatter me too much lah, pai seh pai seh!

      The book is good right? It's one of those books that I will read every now and then. I've probably said this before, nassim taleb is one of the best modern philosophers who also happen to be in finance.

    3. Hi LP,

      🙂 . Nassim Taleb ideology is just so different and insightful. Not pretentious and so him!

      Happy V Day… Enjoy the day with your love ones.

  3. Hi Rolf

    Thanks for this.

    I enjoyed their stories.

    China may apoear they are on the brim of every growth but there are lots of people out there who are equally poor, not educated and are finding life hard to pass by.

    Good to see you back home and im sure your daughter will miss you 🙂

    1. Hi B,

      You are welcome. 🙂
      China is just too big.
      Really glad to back at home. Feels so good.
      Happy V Day to you and your family.

    1. Hi CW,

      At first read, I thought "relative" your are referring to is of "friends, relatives" meaning Money is connected to Happiness.

      Then I realized it is more profound – Einstein theory of relativity!


      It is a mind game?

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