What Advice Will Your 37 Year-old Self Give to Your 30 Year-old Self

Turning 37
I am turning 37 this year. It
is a fantastic age to be in. Coincidently at the age of 37, it is also the time
when famous investors Jim Rogers retired to travel around the world. Like most ordinary
Singaporeans, I am definitely not as ingenious as Mr. Rogers, hence does not have the luxury to retire, but continuing to work and
feed my family and me tirelessly now. 🙂
Nonetheless, now is a time when I
started to have the right mix of knowledge and life experiences, while not
losing the drive and passion to put talks/plans into action. It is also the time I comprehend “when to accelerate, stop or decelerate”. It is a time when my wisdom (little bit, but better than the past) develops and creates patience to take over from the impatient and reckless me of
the past.
It is also the time when I
see my family grow, in particular see my kids grow. That kind of joy is beyond
words. As famous investor Jim Rogers put it.
“I was always against children. I
thought children were a terrible waste of time, energy and money. I was never
going to do anything so foolish as to have a child,” says Rogers, “I can tell
you right now I was completely wrong about that.”
Jim Rogers had his first
child at the age of 57. For those who are still without kids or single, it is never too late. Remember “Better Late Than Never!”. Keep searching, do not settle. 

10 Advices Your 37 Year-old Self Should Give to Your 30 Year old-self
Sometime last year, I read
that catches my attention by Mark
, a South American writer and author. It is so true and
meaningful that I decided to replicate/summarize the article in my blog then.
What happen is the
writer turned 30 and sent an email out to readers and asked those of age 37 and
older what advice they would give their 30-year-old selves. He received more
than 600 responses, many was from the quality of insight people sent. What
surprised him was just how consistent some of the advice was. It seems there
really are a few core pieces of advice that are particularly relevant to this
decade of your life.
Below are the 10 Advices. 
1. Start
Saving For Retirement Now, Not Later

2. Start
Taking Care Of Your Health Now, Not Later

3. Don’t
Spend Time With People Who Don’t Treat You Well

4. Be
Good To The People You Care About

5. You
Can’t Have Everything. Focus On Doing A Few Things Really Well

6. Don’t
Be Afraid Of Taking Risks. You Can Still Change

7. You Must Continue To Grow
And Develop Yourself

8. Nobody (Still) Knows What
They’re Doing. Get Used To It

9. Invest in Your Family.
It’s Worth It

10. Be Kind To Yourself —
Respect Yourself

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13 thoughts on “What Advice Will Your 37 Year-old Self Give to Your 30 Year-old Self

    1. Hi CW,

      This is for u…

      Which brings me to the last quote, from Martin, age 58:

      “When I turned forty my father told me that I’d enjoy my 40s because in your 20s you think you know what’s going on, in your 30s you realize you probably don’t, and in your 40s you can relax and just accept things.

      I’m 58 and he was right!

  1. Hi Rolf

    This is a good piece of advise.

    Interesting to see how the advice would shifted from 20 to 30 to 40 and with us for the rest of our life.

    1. Hi B,

      Thanks v much.

      On one hand, I just realize this post (not intentional) is dedicated to you because of you are marching into the big 3…

      On another hand, it's not very relevant to you, because you already got almost all mentioned things splendidly right in your late 20s. It's incredibly admirable.


    1. Hi Jfree,

      I hope it will help u. Maybe u have a 27 yr old body n 30 plus yr old mind. Hmm… Maybe 20 yr old body due to ur occupation! Huat to you too!

    1. Hi LC,

      U r right. Maybe applicable in all our life too! I think maybe we should hear what kind of advices from our local blog space for those in the 40s / 50s (u included??? ) to provide for 20s / 30s!

    1. Hi AhJohn,

      Tks for commenting.
      Yeah. Advice consolidated from 600 people matured enough, so should be valid. But good advice only becomes good when practice though. 🙂

  2. Hi Rolf

    Mark Manson writes some really great articles from time to time – cool to come across another reader of his writings from Singapore. He started out writing advice for aspiring pickup artists but has shifted to writing for the mainstream. Don't think he's South American though, he started out being based in Boston and he's white.

    1. Hi RetailTrader,

      Tks for commenting. Agree with u that Mark Manson is a great self help writer, esp when it's quite rare you find younger ones around,who learn and appreciate life so much. One reason is he travelled around the world 55 countries in 5yrs incl Singapore.

      I cannot remember why I stumbled into his webpage sometimes last year when I was abroad. But I was amazed how true it is for the advices he consolidated.

      Nice to hear that we are aligned in appreciating his great work. Yes, I also read somewhere before that he is South American origin. That was his old blog. Seems like now, he is more commercial having becoming famous!

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