August 5, 2021

12 thoughts on “Invest in a House before a Stock? – Peter Lynch

  1. I know people who are more stocks savvy than properties. They are always very skeptical about property earning money. Worse still, when they know of facts that people earn money from property who know nothing about stocks, they are jealous and angry.

    Imagine above advice is not from Peter Lynch and from a nobody. Will you still be open and heed the advice?

    Can we excel in both asset classes? Even if we don't isn't it better to accept what others prefer?

    Personally I love both stocks and property investing.

  2. Hi Rolf

    Interesting article there!!!

    I like that you mentioned people doing more research on properties than stocks. I think either than the fact that it involves a more huge sum, properties research are also more layman understanding (such as vicinity, facilities, etc) as opposed to stocks where it can get complicated and deter people from investing in the asset class.

    1. Hi B,

      Cannot agree more with you! Therefore maybe we should treat every stock trades (irregardless of size) with great care just like a property purchase/ sale.


    1. Hi CW,

      Agree. Own it as a roof over your head, especially HDB before prices emulate HongKong price one day!


  3. Rolf,

    In Singapore's context, all things being equal, the earlier we get married and buy our first HDB flat (provided not unlucky to buy at the peak); plus 2nd bite of the cherry, life can be quite good for my generation and those generations before me.

    It would be interesting to hear from those in their mid or late twenties whether they feel property is one good asset to "ride" together with Singapore's growth?

    1. Hi SMOL,

      I envied my friends (my generation) who applied for 4Rm HDB at 200k in the mid 2000s. But most got it at 400-500k after 2010. My sis (your generation) got her 4Rm at 130k near redhill area in mid 90s.

      I envied even more those who got SERs. LOL. Envy not equal jealous. Haha …

      I reckon if you are eligible to apply for new HDB flat, do it early. Prices for new HDB are not so cyclic. For resale and private, you have to be more careful of the cycles.

      Yes, hearing from mid and late twenties is interesting.

      Prices of housing is too ex now 400-600k for HDB. In fact most prefer to go for EC due to the facilities ranging from 800-1200k.

      But then again, because of the fruits from the older generation, most younger generation do have extra support of down payments, reno or marriage expenses to compliment their more expensive housing.


  4. Most of my folks generation have to support their parents.

    How about younger folks generation now?

    Many are preparing for their own retirement.

    Nature way of balancing?

    1. Your generation support parents, yourself and also your children generation. Poor thing.

      Think I am not so different here, since my only parent has always been a housewife and need me and siblings' support. I also need to support myself all these while.

      Hopefully I do not need to support my children when they start working. Pray!

      Hmmm…. and I do not have a cheap HDB as your generation.

      So guess I am not in the category of younger generation anymore.

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