July 27, 2021

2 thoughts on “Why You Should NOT Buy a Stock during Earnings Seasons

  1. Hello Rolf!

    Saw your name around a couple of times. Finally got the time to come by and say Hi! 🙂
    This is an extremely well written sharing with detailed explanation and graphics on why it is not wise to buy a stock in anticipation of its positive news during results period.
    I look forward to more of such posts soon! You are gifted to write to educate!

    The Independent Abecedarian

    1. Hi IA,
      Grateful that you dropped by. I am really flattered by your comments. Thank you. "The Hat is probably too big for me to wear!" – I am still a newbie in investing and learning each day. I read your blog too, I am impress by it and already bookmarked it.
      Rolf Suey

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