August 5, 2021

23 thoughts on “Why is Raffles Medical Great? – A tale of personal experience!

  1. Great write up. Glad to know there are doctors that their mission is to heal and treat the sick and not just to use the latest glitziest treatment available to increase revenue

  2. Owning a business while spending on its business. Cool.

    On a separate note, how was the hospital bill?

  3. Hi Colin,

    Thanks. I am sure there are good Singaporean doctors around, although I had met “money sucker” & “don’t ask too much” doctors.

    They quote high price and keep asking you to do all the different types of tests without wanting to explain to you why. Doctor’s service is bad, so are the nurses who are very not accommodating. They just want to convince you that it is necessary to do the test. How? by scaring you on the undesirable consequence, if you don’t. Instead, the good doctors explain to you why thoroughly.


  4. Hi Lizardo

    Thanks. The more cool part is, bills were mostly financed by insurance and my company medical plan.

    For the bills, you can refer to my updated post. I just attached two samples of dental/medical bills.
    For dental, I strongly recommend Doctor Adrian Goh. Note: I am in no way related to him.

    Very briefly and general, I think my experience show that it is cheaper than Mount E or Gleneagles! But I think it depends. Sometimes they will charge cheaper in Consultation but higher in surgery or medicine.

    More important for me is, I hate the small waiting area in Mount E or Gleneagles. And yes, the parking in Mount E is terrible. I also have appointments in SGH (private & public) wards before. The doctors are good but waiting time is longer (for public), and doctors spend lesser time explaining to patient, mainly because they have too many patients, I think. Price is of course reasonable.

    If you have to pay out of your own pocket and do not want to wait too long, you can try SGH private ward. Just an opinion.


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