I am reading a book on psychology and find something
interesting which may affect our emotions. 
Adapted from Argyle and Crossland 1987 from Oxford
University, below is a list of things that make you produce positive emotions. 
I have to agree all below makes
me feels good. I will start to apply them to my daily life and be more happy.

List of Things that make you produce Positive Emotions
  • Spending a good social evening with friends 
  • Receiving an unexpected compliment which means a lot
    to you
  • Getting involved in a thriller on TV
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the beauty of nature
  • Getting on well with your loved ones
  • Solving an important personal problem
  • Listening to a beautiful piece of music
  • Engaging in a favourite hobby (not sports)
  • Having a rewarding conversation
  • Doing some sort of commitment activity (e.g. charitable
    work etc)
  • Feeling popular at a social gathering
  • Being success at something important to you
  • Being absorbed by your work
  • Meeting an interesting new person or people
  • Engaging in a favourite sporting activity
  • Being successful at work
  • Reading a good book
  • Doing some enjoyable physical work
  • Buying yourself something you wanted for ages
  • Spending some time thinking about the good things in
  • Being given a valuable present by someone dear to you
  • Having a long hot bath, or pampering yourself some
    other way
  • Spending memorable evening at a cinema/theatre/concert
  • Having a quiet drink with friends (non-alcoholic or

Maybe seeing your Investment Portfolio Growing is another way to have great positive feeling!

How about you? What makes you to have positive feelings?

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5 thoughts on “Psychology of Happiness

  1. Top 3 things for me would be:

    a) Spending a good social evening with friends
    b) Feeling overwhelmed by the beauty of nature
    c) Reading a good book

  2. Hi Passive Income Builder,
    Thanks for the comments! Definitely what I enjoy too. By the way, I visited your blog and realize you read a book "A Gift to My Children by Jim Rogers". It seems interesting and I like the fact that the author is leaving his life lessons in the book for his children. Definitely something I aspire to do one day too!
    Thanks Rolf

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am glad that you enjoyed it. You should have a quick read of the book! Its pretty good! 🙂

  4. Getting on well with your loved ones
    Feeling overwhelmed by the beauty of nature
    Listening to a beautiful piece of music
    Reading a good book

  5. Hi Temperament,
    Thanks for the comments. Hope you are finding more time to do all these happy things.
    Thanks Rolf

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