August 2, 2021

20 thoughts on “LiftBoat Lifting Expectations? – Ezion, Ezra, Swissco & Triyards

  1. the chart on number of liftboats per player is outdated. Hercules Offshore has sold off their US GoM liftboat fleet leaving them with 24.

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  2. Qatar shipyard signed the contract of $110m to develop a self-propelled and self-elevating liftboat.Which is the joint venture between Nakilat-Keppel Offshore & Marine.This liftboad can accommodate nearly 130 passengers.The project going to be completed by the end of 2015.

  3. Hi Emily,
    Thanks for the info. Seems like liftboat market is starting to get crowded.
    Thanks Rolf

  4. your info is very interesting and useful .from Vietnam ,Do Thai Binh,naval archtect
    thank you

    1. Hi Binh,

      Cam o'n ban! I am happy that it is useful to you.

      You work in the oil and gas industry too?

      I use to frequent vietnam HCM, Vungtau and Hanoi quite a lot and have many dealings in your country.

      Anyway, hope you can share my blog with your friends too.

      Thanks, RS

  5. Rolf

    Overall, a good article.

    1) Ezra does not own any liftboats anymore.

    One of them sank in 2008 whilstbeing transported to the North Sea.
    The other was a 51% stake which has since been sold and ultimately bought by Ezion earlier this year.

    2) Your cost assumptions are not correct.
    If Ezion bare boats an SEU, then in terms of OPEX, they do not have manpower, survey of operational costs, other than maintenance costs of keeping the rig in good working condition.
    However, there will be depreciation, finance, insurance, etc costs.

    3) Triyard's BH450 is a large liftboat but is not the largest of it's kind in the world.
    Master marine and Ezion own one of the largest Liftboats (SEUs).

    1. Hi William,

      Thanks for the comments and seems like you are an expert in this field. Great to hear your sharing of information.

      I wrote this article in June this year. I read at Ezra website that they do own via EMAS then liftboats Lewek Leader and Lifter.

      Is it confirm that Ezra (or EMAS) does not own any liftboat anymore???Where can we find the information. Appreciate if you can let the reader know???

      For bareboat OPEX, thanks for the enlightenment. OPEX is indeed zero for bareboat charter which I mentioned in the article. I do understand that crew and master cost are not inclusive in bareboat. Manpower cost I mentioned is generalize cost in anyway related to manpower of any kind and not crew and master. Apologies for not being clear.

      Agree that finance and depreciation should take into account. But insurance??? Most bareboat I heard, insurance of the vessel is also taken care by the charterer. Is this correct???

      For BH450, I written that it was reported to be one of the world largest delivered in 2Q14. Actually it was also widely reported in articles available online. Below article link is one of them. And there are other articles online as well.

      You mentioned Ezion and Master Marine own one of the largest liftboats. You mentioned that BH450 is not one of the largest!

      It will be great for me and other reader to know which Liftboat (design) is the largest currently, since you highlighted that BH450 is not the one.

      Thank you so much! Look forward to your sharing of information. Great to learn more. 🙂


  6. Hi Rolf,
    Thank you for your article, just the information I need!
    I am wondering where can I find out more about the operation information of the liftboats in each region? like where and how many are in operation in Southeast Asia?

    Thank you~

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      I do not have the info you requested. If you are really interested, do drop me an email (via my contact tab), and I will try my best to research and if possible send some related info. No promises of success rate though.

      Appreciate if you can share with me additional information you have that is not contained in this article too. Thanks.

      Cheers, Rolf

  7. 1) THESE ARE CONSIDERED VERY LARGE JACK UP RIGS/BARGES. Approx 70% to 80% larger than the BH450.

    Ezion bought out one of the 2 that was built in Labroy by MasterMarine.

    It will be ready for work in Q1 2015.

    2) Search the TRIYARDS site for the information on number of platforms globally and number of self elevating units (SEUs).
    if I am not mistaken, one of the presentations should contain the relevant chart or table.

    Actually Rolf, I am not an expert in this field. Just reading up and following events as closely as I can, since I find this sector very interesting (with more growth to come even with OIL at USD60-80).

    Recently there was a proposed merger between Seafox (Dutch) and MOS (Mid East). Actually the latter took over the former.
    They have a combined fleet of 12 jack ups and many are for accommodation.

    EZION has 37 units in it's fleet.
    4 units are 50% owned
    2 units are chartered-in

    Search for Lewek Lifter and Lewek Leader and check "" ….you will see it shows the vessel location of Teras Conquest 1 & 5, that is owned 100% by Ezion.
    I suspect there has been a shareholding restructuring recently.

    6) INSURANCE costs: I am not the expert and I have a lot to learn here.


  8. Hi William,

    Late reply due to a traveling week in China. It is great to share and learn together.

    Indeed from Marine Traffic it shows relation of Teras to Lewek. Internet is playing the trick, since if you search Emas Lewek Lifter or Leader, it still show the vessels. Maybe it is outdated, but still reflects that Ezra used to own Liftboats but not anymore. It is also after they sold their shares off from Ezion.

    Just curious why Lewek Lifter/Leader showed orange hulls but Teras 1&5 vessel showed blue hulls. Maybe they painted it thereafter. Haha!

    MasterMarine is Jack Up Barge. Is Jackup Barge really same as Liftboat? Some says yes, but no 100% proof that they are exactly similar.

    For instance, Notation of vessel is different. MasterMarine Jack up Barge is NON self propelled, therefore it is classified as a barge. BH450 is self-propelled therefore a Boat.

    BH450 is reported (at my time of writing) that it is the biggest Liftboat of its kind. Refer to .

    Pardon that I could not find any information that Titan 1 nor MasterMarine is the largest Liftboat today?


  9. Liftboats and Tender Barges will soon be eclipsed by a new design that eliminates the need for large cranes and the transfer of equipment from the Liftboat or Tender Barge to the Platform or Wellhead. By doing so the new design substantially reduces the amount of NPT (Non Productive Time) and saves the operators, excuse the pun, barrels of money.

    Furthermore, as the new design is classed as a MODU/MOU it is able to take hydro carbons on board if required. In fact the new design is set to eliminate Drilling Jack Ups from many of the tasks currently undertaken by them as the new design is able to Run Completions, Well Test, EOR and carry out all the services required for a well right through its life until Plug and Abandon. As well as being classed MODU/MOU it is also a DP2 Harsh Environment Rig able to work in water depths of up to 400 feet.

    It has won acclaim by all the numerous service companies in the USA, Europe and Asia who have seen it. All it needs now is for the E&P companies to get on board and take steps to cut operational and maintenance costs.

    To find out more visit or email me

  10. Rolf,

    We are manufacturers of raw water supply systems to liftboats. Our recent contribution was to Seajack's Scylla. You can see in the sea trials video our reels.
    Pl. can you contact me on as the liftboat market is really of interest to me. We may have some common interests.


    Vinod Shirhatti
    Director of Business Development

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