Blogging – What it means to me

Some people may asked why I spend so much time blogging each day. 

  • Do I aspire to be a full time blogger and sack my employer? 
  • Do I aspire to be famous like XiaXue
  • Do I use Blog to vent my grievances (political ones) like Roy Ngerng

“NO” to all above questions. 

OR Maybe 

  • I do have some time to spare recently? 
  • I grow to love writing as each day passes by? 
  • I enjoy sharing good information?  

Honestly, it is True!

However what turn out to be more important is the “Gains” you will receive in blogging. 

Writing Blogs;

  • Requires lots of comprehensive research, hence more knowledgeable in the process
  • Brush up my writing skills 
  • Organise all my written information or knowledge into a Blog library for myself and my children, in years to come.  

So Start Blogging for Potential Benefits it can offer NOW! 


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2 thoughts on “Blogging – What it means to me

  1. Thats right.

    And one more thing is to spread asssitance to those who are less financial literacy than us so that more people would benefit from it.

  2. Hi B, indeed and agree with you. While our current education plays an important part in shaping a person's well-being, it neglect topics of financial literacy. This explains why many Singaporeans are struggling not only financially, but also to find happiness in their career / family today. However it is very encouraging to see more and more financial bloggers especially the younger ones advocating and sharing knowledge associated to investment and financial planning. Meanwhile, thanks for the comments. It makes my day, even if it mean a just a comment. Thanks Rolf

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