July 23, 2021

7 thoughts on “Understand Yourself? – How to be Happy

  1. Hi,

    Good post! This post sums up everything about life. I believe strongly in finding oir passion too. When we do something we love, we're more likely to succeed and also it makes life more interesting.

  2. "My answers will be: save each month, re-invest earnings, never lose my capital, read business times daily, read annual reports of at least 3 new companies per week, at least 2 blog post on investment a week, read at least 1 investment book a month, meet with people working in the company of the stocks you are interested, visit the property or shopping malls that you are interested to invest etc"

    Impressive goals and valuable general advice!

  3. Hi 15HWW,

    That is incredibly good advice and nothing but the truth, I did what you mention exactly excluding the time frame, since sometimes they tend to be disrupted by my work and family. I my best though.

    I even have an excel sheet recap what I did each week. Biz times, Blogs, Books, Save, Re-invest, meet people are all in my excel sheets or what I did. One thing to add also is exercise 3 times a week…

  4. By the way, this article is written for my kid(s) after an incident that happened relating to him/her!

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