Many years ago my wife started blogging and
spent lot of effort on it. I often criticize her and say “bo liao”
(boring and waste time).
I cannot imagine that now I am blogging also.

The main reasons of me starting this blog are mention in
my page “
Purpose” to discuss on
  • Personal Development
  • Financial Planning &
  • Investment

But what triggers it? 

More than a year back I make a career switch after experiencing my career low
point. I started to have more time, but instead of reading I spent lots of time
golfing, enjoying life and spend quite lavishingly. Then a fluke accident happen which
leave a 20 over stitches on my chin-mouth during a golf game. While suffering on medical leave I
started reading again, this time more intense! Together with an almost near
death illness several years back in hospital, and career hiccups after climbing to the top early, it reinforce my thinking that:

  • Life is vulnerable and unpredictable
  • Your job is never secured in today’s society
  • We need to plan for the worst for ourselves and our family even during the
    most promising period. 
  • We need to invest our time in acquiring knowledge and invest our money in
    acquiring or creating assets. 

I feel lucky to realize it now and very often I wanted to share with my family
member. However when I try to talk to my wife after reading or learning something
interesting, her eyes will be open but her mind is close. Either it is too boring, too
technical for her or she is really too tired after her long work day. My
children are either too young or also like my wife. 

Hence instead of talking, I decide to let my writing to the talking and
recording. I wanted my children one day to read my blog and to realize what I
realized at a much younger age.
I will continue to guide them as long as I could, while not restricting their
creativity and passion. 

That day I was talking to a business associate in his late 50s. He belong to ultra high net
worth category with kids in their 20s. He tell me that sometimes it is better to let your children learn how to swim
in the ocean by themselves. I totally agree. 

But learning by yourself takes a
long time. When you learn from mistakes and become stronger, it is great. But as children at younger age, there is also possibility that they are learning the wrong things and take the wrong path and never recover again!

I come out with the “Door Analogy”. 

Sometimes your child will only see one door
which is straight ahead and walk through it. They may fall right through into the
shit hole! As parents, I will tell them to look broader and let them understand
that there are actually two more doors beside the one they had seen. Which one to choose is up to them, but at least, we widen their perspective! If they still decide to take the shit hole door, then they must be responsible for their action. 

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