Hi my name is Rolf Suey.
This is just my nickname as I prefer to be Anonymous.  
A short introduction of myself. I am a Singaporean man living through the mid career crisis and suddenly decide to start something that I never thought I will be doing. Yes, it is Blogging!
This is the first time in my life I am writing a Blog online. The First post is going to be short as the main reason is to “Start”. It is always good to start most things early, like right career industry after graduation rather than changing industry or scope later on, right woman and early marriage, having kids at a younger age so that you will not be mistaken for your children’s grandparents when their friends see you.
However not everything in life is so smooth sailing that you can do it right or find the right one the first time. What ever it is, as long as you have the courage to start something new, it is “Better Late Than Never”
So here I am starting my first blog in my mid 30s while most bloggers nowadays are in their early 20s or teens.

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One thought on “My First Post

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