July 29, 2021

6 thoughts on “Investment – Income Growth + Real Estate + Paper Assets

  1. Sometimes opportunity comes in an instant and we can't do anything about it. But in our part, for our real estate we shall be ready as always to keep it stable. Now, focus more on every plan that we make to keep a stable business running.

    Property Investment Portfolio

  2. Hi Rolf,

    In Singapore, most people will feel that they have already made it when they own 2 properties since they can now fully take advantage of the property cycle (buy low, sell high) and achieve some passive income (rental).

    I am actually quite apprehensive of this strategy since in most cases, >80% or even 90% of the net-worth will be in Singapore properties.

  3. Hi 15HWW,

    Guess it’s about balance and knowing best about yourself.

    What applies to me, may not apply to others. I read and noted that most investment blogger is not favouring property over stocks, because in the rule of investment, you must be risk averse and try not to leverage as much as possible. I also know that most property investor does not favour stocks and think it is risky. It is chicken and egg!

    One up on Wall Street – 2000, Peter Lynch “invest in house before stock, invest in stocks only when you do not need cash and ask do I own the qualities of investing?”

    Guess there is no right and no wrong, if we did it right!. I am sure there are more debates/disagreement if he is not “Peter Lynch”.

    For me, I try to balance and have an open mind and find the way that best fit me. So far over the years, it works for me and I am happy. It works “NOT” necessary equal to Correct!

    Actually I have many views regarding how to make a property work for me, but I guess I will only share if I meet people of same “view”. Otherwise it is a never-ending debate if two persons of opposite views engaged in a debate. Debate healthy initially but can be lengthy and eventually unhealthy and unhappy.

    I reckon both property and stocks are equally important. As much as property like stocks, you must know what you are doing and buying.

    We probably should not focus on what people feel when they had two properties! That is irrelevant and will distract our focus! I try to focus on how I can make it work. For me, I prefer to have a strong portfolio as well as properties to balance it.

    I oppose to having property as >80-90% of my portfolio just like you, especially when you are like me having family and kids, and so many expenses. It can be very dangerous. Hence property is just a part of my portfolio of stocks and cash.

    Again find what it work best for you, and please do not focus on others too much.

    If you read the purpose of this blog, the audience of most important is for my children. For my reader, I always advocate to focus on the facts and not my views.

    Last but not least, I really appreciate your comments and yes, my kids will read about it one day and they may think just like you and comment on my article constructively. Haha….

    Cheers mate!

  4. Hi Rolf,

    Just sharing my views and I agree that what works might not be correct. And don't worry, I was not judging you. =p

    In fact, I am starting to appreciate that everyone is more "different" than "same" sometimes and it's more important to find what works than what is supposedly the "best".

    I rarely prospect a company deeply and most of the time, it's top down simple analysis rather than bottom up. Many would probably advocate that I buy an index instead as what I am doing can be considered quite "risky". But so far it has worked pretty well for me.

    Anyway, I will never say no to a 2nd property. If I can afford it without massive leverage and it's value-for-money, why not? =)

    1. Hi 15HWW,

      I agree that we are all different but same! Yes, being different is a fact, but the most difficult task is to accept the differences! Jim Rogers urged her daughter to understand the world by being there and accept differences of people and be a world citizen. "World peace! – haha"

      Glad to hear that your top down approach works well. Continue to find more things that works and throw away those that does not! 🙂
      Throw away your wife if she don't work… LOL

      Warren Buffett never buy tech stocks – it works for him. On the contrary, people who buy tech stocks and profit from it are not wrong either because it works for them.

      Aside from analysis, I also focus a lot on the management. It is not easy because we do not know them. I try to use my "people sensitivity" and gut feel skills to evaluate. It can only base on my experiences dealing with people across globe. Fingers cross if they are right? Haha..

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